The Beginning

So, I have only just started to do this blog, so you will have to bear with me as it's all very new to me.

A lot of people may wonder why I want to do a blog?

"What's the point?"
"What are you going to write about?"
"Who's going to read it?"

One of my friends introduced me to the idea, as I struggle to speak about feelings, and struggle to communicate in the right way sometimes.

The point of doing a blog is to write what you want. To get things off your chest which other people may relate to. I don't entirely know what I will write about each time? Sometimes it may be random thoughts that go through my head, but that's ok, right? And the truth is, I don't mind who reads it. Even if nobody reads it, I've still got out there what I needed to say.

So, a little bit about me, to save me blabbing, I'll write it in list form as once I start I won't stop 💁🏻

Name? Rhianna Smith
Age? 22
Birthday? 30th Dec 94
Where do I live? Rochester, Kent, UK
What is my job? Health Care Assistant
Who do I live with? My Fiancé

This is only the beginning, and writing this first blog post just proves how much I'm going to love it. #freedom

Quote of the day:
"This is the beginning of ANYTHING you want"

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